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The Partnerships / Project Names

This is where we will list who is in which groups. The goal is to have at least two students in each group making a building model. On rare occasions we have three of four in a group if the building is sufficiently complex.

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Project Name   Approved? Architect Location EMAIL? Last Name First Name
Netherlands Architecture Institute YES Jo Coenen Rotterdam, Netherlands YES HALL Jeffrey
Burda Collection Museum   YES Richard Meier Baden-Baden, Germany YES PALAMOUNTAIN Dion
          YES SILVERWOOD James
Chapel of St.Ignatius   YES  Steven Holl Seattle, Washington, USA YES KOMINAMI Takeshi
          YES LIN Bohan
Chichu Art Museum   YES Tadao Ando Naoshima, Kagawa, Japan NO AUI Jansen
          YES ROBERTS Nicholas
Church of Light   YES Tadao Ando Osaka, Japan YES YIN Xiaoyin
          YES ZHANG Te
Church on the Water   YES Tadao Ando  Tomamu, Japan YES LU Lan
          YES YUAN Rui
Treptow Crematorium   YES Axel Schultes Treptow, Germany YES ROSELLI Ryan
          YES STEVENS Ben
Exhibitions Building of the German Historical Museum YES  I.M.Pei Berlin, Germany YES KAIO Jamie
          YES THOMPSON Patrick
Holocaust History Museum   YES  Moshe Safdie. Jerusalem YES PYKE Camden
          YES SHEARER Liam
Jewish Museum   YES Daniel Libeskind Berlin NO JIANG Jack
          YES MOH Ung Yu
Church Dio Padre Misericordioso YES Richard Meier Rome, Italy YES KIMBER Lee
          YES MORENO Michael
Jubilee Church of Tor Tre Teste   YES Richard Meier Rome, Italy YES PO Daniel
          YES WONG James
Jubilee Church   YES Richard Meier Rome, Italy YES OSBORNE Jacob
          YES VANDERWERFF Pieter
Landscape Formation One   YES Zaha Hadid Weil am Rhein,Germany YES IBBOTSON Thomas
          YES O'TOOLE James
León City Morgue   YES  BAAS León, Spain YES MAUVAN John
          YES YOUNG Kurt
Liner Museum   YES Giyon/Guyer  Alpenzell, Switzerland YES BRUNS Robert
          YES SUTTON Campbell
Metz-Pompidou Centre   YES Shigeru Ban France YES AALTO Pasi
          YES YANG Yalin
Modesty in excess Church (Christus Hoffnung der Welt, Wien) NO Heinz Tesar Donau City, Vienna YES ABU HASHIM Nazirah
Christ, hope of the World??         YES LASHUK Maria
Museum of Modern Art, Gunma   YES Ara Isozaki Gunma YES HEAP Quinten
          YES NOTMAN Joshua
Nariwa Museum   YES Tadao Ando Okoyama Japan YES RAYNES Andrew
          YES WALSH Emma
Nariwa Muncipal Museum   YES Tadao Ando Okoyama Japan YES DUBE Synthia
          YES SHEN Han
Nelson-Atkins Museum Expansion YES Steven Holl Missouri, USA YES AHMED Mohamed
          YES MUHAMMAD Nuzul Haqimi
Cathedral of Christ the Light   YES Skidmore, Owings & Merrill California, USA YES GRAY James
          YES SIMMS Elspeth
Okazaki Art and Historical Museum YES KÛRYÛ Akira Akira Kuryu YES ESHOW Iliea
          NO GORDON Rebecca
Paper Art Museum   YES Shigeru Ban Kobe, Japan YES FANG Ke
          YES CHEN Qi Meng
Chapelle Notre-Dame-du-Haut   YES Le Corbusier Ronchamp NO ANDERSON Shaun
          YES DAVIES Jack
St Joseph's Church   YES Studio Pacific Mt Vic, Wellington YES LOH Tze Wei
          YES MD ZOHRI Farah
St. Canice Church   YES John Scott Westport, NZ YES RADBURND Pamela
          YES SCOTT Hana
Valleaceron Chapel   YES Sol Madridejos Almadenejos, Spain YES ACTON-ADAMS Rosalind
          YES BROOKES Toni-Rose
TBA           BAKSHI Nilesh
            JIN Nengneng
            RECHENBERG Benedict
            SOLOMON Reid
            TOUGH Julian